Hijab is not a controversial part of Islam. It is not even up for debate. It is a form of protection for Muslim women and unfortunately with time it has been assimilated into the cultural traditions of countries.

The idea of Hijab (to cover) is to keep the eyes of Men away from what might tempt them. To protect the woman from those with diseased hearts and bad intentions. Allah has created men and women different… Women are not as visually aroused as men. Arousal in Men is 70% visual which means that tight clothes and provocative method of walking (you know what I mean… don’t tell me women can’t walk in a sexy manner) .

The less a man sees the less he is interested. Hijab to a woman is like a beard to a man… at least it’s supposed to be. It is supposed to remind her not to try to flaunt her beauty to one who is not sanctioned to enjoy it. It is a physical reminder that she is wearing her faith all around her… and when one see a transgression against hijab… whether a smoking mohajaba or one that wears tight clothes or walking around with a boyfriend. It becomes a visual paradox an unnatural sight that causes the proper muslims distress and displeasure.

If you fear Allah then fear him always. Attracting unnecessary, unwanted  attention might seem nice… but then you might be asking for some serious trouble. Allah wants to prevent that.

September 23, 2010