I was telling my Mother about this incident that I’ve seen happen over and over in Masajid (plural of Masjid) where the Imam of the masjid is 5 to 10 minutes late and instead of the Musaleen (people waiting to pray) sending someone to remind him that it is prayer time. They decide to call the Ikama (the call for prayer proper) so that he is alerted and comes out running.

My Mother was bewildered. She said The tradition (hadeeth) of the Prophet peace be upon him goes that he told the Mua’thin (the one who performs the call to prayer) to bring us comfort with the prayer… he didn’t say… lets get this over with.

This is sometimes what one feels is the case with some of those attending prayer. That it is an inconvenience to them. To some degree it doesn’t make sense for the retirees at the mosque who are usually there all the time anyway… what difference does it make if the Imam is a few minutes late.

The other side of the coin is the busy Business man type that starts getting agitated that the prayer is not performed exactly 15 minutes after the call to prayer.. and so starts raising his voice and causing a ruckus.  That person is clearly in error because the house of God is not a place to show disrespect in. Your ego should be left at the door and your time there should be to cleanse yourself spiritually… instead of amassing more sins through bad behavior.

If you think the Imam might have forgotten or lost track of time… go call him personally. Don’t take things into your own hands and call to prayer without him. That’s just rude.

September 26, 2010