It seems to me that many muslims are a little confused as to where they should look during Salah. In Egypt several of the Imams instruct the worshipers as to what they should do and where they should look before prayers starts.

They would say. “Close the gaps (between the feet and shoulders), Takbeer is silent (or at least quiet) the place for intention is in the heart (so you don’t have to say out loud that you intend to pray Duhr, 4 rak’aat at 12:35pm this beautiful Thursday morning) and that the place for your eyes to look are where you will be placing your forehead.

This is all said in Arabic so maybe a few non Arabic speaking Muslims might not know that the Prophet Peace be Upon him instructed us on where to place our eyes during prayer. I see folks looking at birds and admiring the calligraphy during their Sunnah (supererogatory prayer) and I wonder how they can maintain their khushuu’ (their concentration/reverence/ focus during prayer).

Many mosques these days go against what the companion of the Prophet (pbuh) Omar ibn Al Khatab (may Allah be pleased with him) instructed… which is not to decorate the walls of masajid so that people will not get distracted during prayer.

Your time of worship and prayer is sacred… so do not allow your eyes to wonder and cause you to lose focus during your prayer and Allah knows best.

September 27, 2010