This is an actual hadeeth (or tradition of the Prophet Muhammed pbuh). The Prophet did forbid the consuming of foods that can stink up one’s breath prior to prayer. He himself stopped eating them completely once the order came down to him to tell the Muslims of this issue.

But he never forbade the consuming of those foods… only that one should not eat them before prayer. By disobeying the Prophet peace be upon him you are doing 3 transgressions. First you are causing harm to your fellow Muslims who are praying with you. Your breath will cause them distress and discomfort and probably cause them to lose concentration and khushoo’ during their prayers.

Second you will cause harm to the Angels who hover infront of you … face to face (thats from another hadeeth) while you pray… and they repeat everything you say. If you smell like onions or garlic then this will hurt and repel them.

Last and definitely not least… you will be disobeying the Messenger of Allah. So Please don’t eat these foods raw before coming to the Masjid. Men are obligated to come to the Mosque for prayers… and hurting your brothers at the Masjid is not to be taken lightly… ever.

Also the Messenger of Allah took the man that transgressed to the Graveyard in Madina (close to the Prophet’s Mosque) to make a point.  You hurt the living then you only deserve to dwell among the dead … and Allah knows best.

September 22, 2010