Perfecting your prayer – How to stand, how to make rukuu’ and how to make sujuud is from the perfection of your faith. If someone feels proud of their work and dedicated to it then they would never do a sloppy job with the mechanics of their work. The same applies to your faith and the elements that make up your faith. Salah is a big part of our deen and the first thing that Allah subhanahu wa talaa will ask you about on the day of judgment so constantly performing sub par prayers is not something that will increase your status in the hereafter.

I have explained the finer points of where the contact points are in the comic but there are a few things that you should be aware of:

1. You cannot allow your arms to rest flat during sujuud… only the palms of your hands should touch the ground.

2. You must be aware of where your feet are and that they are touching the ground at all times. Some people play a weird balancing game while they are in sujuud and their feet do not touch the ground.

3. Do not peck at the ground like a chicken eating when you perform sujuud.. let your sujuud be precise and achieve tranquility.

I hope this helps clarify any issues to do with sujuud.

and Allah knows best