The strangest situation I ever got in was when someone asked me to research an Islamic ruling on something and then when I came back and told them the ruling they were not only disappointed, they said that they wished they had not asked me about it in the first place.

This, of course, is not acceptable in the religion of Islam. Muslims are urged to ask, to ponder to research and to make their minds up on issues. This is not to say that they are to ignore the rulings that Allah has made on certain things, rather it is that in Islam it is our duty to be informed about our faith, about the world we live in and to improve our lives by knowing more about what Allah has created.

You are only accountable for things if you know of them. So if you have never heard of a specific ruling then you are ignorant of it, but once you have been informed then you are no longer ignorant and cannot claim ignorance.

One of the things that I am very aware of is that in this knowledge that I, the author of this site, convey to you, the reader of the site, I force accountability upon you so that on the day of Judgment when you are in front of Allah and are being judged. Allah will ask you… oh my servant did you not know that such an such a deed is Haraam (not permissible) and you will claim… no Allah I do not. If this is the case (and Allah would know) then you would be forgiven. But if you did know and I was the source of this knowledge… then Allah will summon me and I will bear witness against you.

So Three things to keep in mind:

1. Seek knowledge of the deen and knowledge in general
2. Don’t Argue With Allah on the Day of Judgement
3. You are now accountable… so act upon what you have learnt.

And Allah Knows Best.

October 19, 2010