The most beloved of Man’s actions to Allah are the most regular no matter how small. In the holy month of Ramadan you find people that read through the Quran 2, 3 or 4 times… but outside of Ramadan the Quraan is as much a stranger to them as is fasting.

Our lives consist of accumulating sin… but Allah has sent down his Messengers and Prophets to educate us on what is sinful and what is Good. So with a steady stream of constant good deeds and with the blessing of Allah and his mercy there is a possibility that we can make it out of the 60 – 100 year test of life with a passing grade.

I hate to use this example… but it kind of shows my point so … why not. Think about going to the gym… we all look at ourselves at one point in time and go… gee I wish I could lose some weight and get fit. If you go to the gym one time for 2 hours and then never go back again… well then you didn’t accomplish much… but if you go and stay for 15 minutes every other day for 2 weeks, the results would start showing even though you think you’re not doing much.

Yes the little (good) things in life are what might save us.

September 24, 2010