Every Practicing Muslim is a representative of Islam. You are an ambassador of sorts of the faith in front of those who are non-Muslim. Any transgressions you commit in public will be things these people will not hold upon you alone but upon the Faith.

Its ironic that if a Vegan decides to eat a burger he is called a hypocrite but veganism is not blamed. Or if a Pacifist decides to take arms he is blamed for his own aggression but the concept is not tarnished.

But for Islam and especially since it is a faith that has so much disinformation broadcast and published about it that people who have not invested the time to research the truth properly will end up blaming any irrational action upon the faith and not upon the person alone.

Smoking is a Sin, even Al-Azhar which is widely believed as the most mild of islamic establishments considers Smoking a sin. So it always surprises me when I see how much of a hold it can have on people.

Humans sin, there is no denying that, but the punishment for sinning in public is different than that for sinning in private. If you sin in private then you are not popularizing the action. You are not saying that it is ok for a person who practices the religion of Islam to publicly disregard the  rules and regulations of Allah.

We will be held accountable for our sins… but for those who practice the faith and are knowledgeable of its tenants the punishment is greater than for someone who is ignorant.

My Sisters in Islam. If you smoke. Do it in private and try your best to quit. You are the ones raising the new generation of Scholars and Warriors and if they see you disrespecting Allah’s word then what will they become if not disrespectful?

And Allah Knows Best

February 21, 2011