Today, for a change, I tuned in to Egypt’s Quran Kareem radio station while driving to work. The brother had a guest from Al-Azhar who spoke with tact and eloquence. He said something that surprised me but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

He said that those who came before us of the Muslims and the Pious looked to themselves whenever a change in attitude happened with their wives, children, servants or even their mode of transportation.

They understood that if they transgressed against Allah then Allah would punish them by affecting the relationships they had with the closest of people to them. He mentioned that people would come to him and say that their children where devout and polite and in the span of a day would become rude and sinful.

This is a great calamity for anyone. But it is a strong wake up call to those who disobey Allah and think nothing of it. Our sins are a debt that must be paid… either by our repentance which would wipe out our debt, or by our punishment… and our sins do not only effect us… but anyone directly associated with us. May Allah keep us on the straight path, always and help us recognize when we need to repent and help us stay away from those misdeeds.


September 28, 2010