On the day of Judgment when we stand in front of Allah… asking for his forgiveness and seeking his mercy. We will be asked of our prayers and if they are complete, we will be asked of our health if we spent it in the obedience of Allah or destroyed it in the disobedience of Allah. We will be asked of our wealth and how we squandered it.

It is very interesting that Muslims have not yet wizened up to what western cigarette companies have been doing for the past few years.  Tobacco companies in the west have had increasing amounts of restrictions placed on them. Back in the 20s when no link existed in the minds of scientists between smoking and lung cancer (and mouth cancer, and tongue cancer) doctors recommended smoking for its relaxing and soothing effect. Little did they know that with each cigarette one was nailing themselves tighter and tighter in a coffin of their own making.

Tobacco companies have now moved their focus from their own countries of origin to those of the 3rd world… the middle east and what they call undeveloped countries. Ironically the educated and non educated alike become addicted and basically keep the tobacco companies in business. Kind of like how hazardous waste companies where dumping their toxic waste in africa and paying the African governments stipends to dump it there.

Muslims have to fear Allah in the money the spend buying cigarettes and fear Allah in what they are doing to their bodies of harm (the hadeeth say la darar wala diraar… do not hurt yourselves or cause others harm). We should be especially careful in what we end up doing to our children who have to breath the garbage we spew out and who’s lives and growth is stunted because of these toxins.

In fact it must be mentioned that in Islam if one hurts one’s self then Allah will punish them to a degree… but if one hurts themselves and others (involves others in their act of haraam) then their punishments is far worse than if he only victimized himself.

Not to mention behavioral mimicking where a child of someone who smokes has a higher probability of picking up smoking than someone from a none smoking environment. One can’t say to his child… do as I say … not as I do.

Fear Allah and stop smoking… it won’t be easy but Allah will reward the effort and make your life happier and easier inshallah.

And Allah knows best.

October 14, 2010