Just in case you weren’t aware of this. Muslim men are not allowed to wear gold and silk. These are only adornments that women can wear. Although this might not be an issue much these days… It still is with some of the African American Community who become muslims. Having bling is not haraam per se. Meaning that if you want to wear a platinum ring… that’s fine. Adorned with emeralds or diamonds.. again that is fine.

But once it goes into overdrive… having chains and bracelets and teeth… then we get into a slight issue of being wasteful. Showing off your wealth for the sake of spiting others is not halal (permissible) in Islam … but it does not mean that you are not allowed to purchase expensive things. Expensive cars, houses and clothes are all fine as long as they are done in a moderate way.

One of the reasons why long garments are prohibited for Muslim men in Islam (I’ll probably make a separate post just about that in the future inshallah) is because back in the day of the Prophet PBUH the rich would wear extra long garments to show off that they had the money to waste on such a spectacle. Now people might show that off by spending lots of money on things that have no benefit.

For a man though these two specific items are prohibited. Gold (in all its forms… white as well) and Silk are mentioned in a hadeeth by the Messenger of Allah directly forbidding them.

Platinum, Silver, Bronze, Brass, Titanium… all those are fine. So is Synthetic (polyester) Silk…which looks like silk but is not the actual material.

And Allah Knows Best

October 20, 2010