A very common mistake that Muslims make is the accidental adoption of Judeo-christian concepts in Akeeda عقيدة(fundamentals of faith). In Judeo-christian theology Satan (shaytaan) was originally an angel who go upset that Adam was placed higher than he.

Many Muslims misunderstand passages from the Quran about this incident… Where Allah says. “And lo Allah ordered the Angels to bow down to Adam… and they all did… except iblees” they read that part and think that Iblees was an angel. But then Allah continues “… he was from the Djinn and he did disobey his Lord’s orders.” (Chapter of Kahf/Cave).

More to the point in the Quran.. in another chapter Iblees is asked to explain why he did not bow to Adam though his creator ordered him to do so. He said “I am better than he… you created me from Fire and created him from Mud”. (Chapter of Al A’raf)

Angels have no free will. Angels are made of Light not fire. Angels cannot disobey their lord. So please… muslims don’t insult Angels by claiming Shaytaan was one of them.

September 20, 2010